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Preplanned Hike for Osceola: Mt. Osceola Trail > Greeley Ponds Trail > Tripoli Rd. Loop
Quick Facts I
Tripoli Rd.
12.5 miles
9 hours 30 minutes
Moderately Steep

* views from Osceola
* views from side of East Osceola
* Greeley Ponds

Hike Rating 3 Stars
Quick Facts II
4,340 ft.
north of Waterville Valley
south of Kankamagus Highway (NH 112)
Best Map
AMC White Mountain Guide,
26th ed., Map #3




     The summit of Osceola is a big, flat rock with excellent views eastward of the Tripyramids and southward of Waterville Valley. Osceola and its sister to the east, East Osceola, are two of the 48 designated Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire. If you are attempting to climb these, it makes sense to summit both on the same hike, an easy endeavor. East Osceola is a mile away over a rocky ridge with some steep sections. Trees stand on the summit of East Osceola and there is no view. The Osceolas can be accessed from Tripoli Road or the Kancamagus Highway (NH 112). MountainSummits.com has hiked them from both roads. To check out the hike from the Kanc, click on the link above.  The Osceolas are located in the Sandwich Region of the White Mountains.

Preplanned Hike

The Route

Mt. Osceola Trail > Greeley Ponds Trail > Livermore Road > Tripoli Road


0       Tripoli Rd. parking lot trailhead for Mt. Osceola Trail
3.2    Mt. Osceola summit
4.2    East Osceola summit
5.7    Greeley Ponds Trail
9.5    Livermore Rd.
9.8    Livermore Rd. parking lot
12.5  Tripoli Rd. parking lot

The Hike

     One might ask why hike a loop that includes an arduous 2.7 mile road walk?  The quick answer is an aversion for hiking the same trail twice in the same day.  To go deeper, there are pros and cons to this loop.  The benefits include summiting an additional peak, enjoying the beauty of Greeley Ponds, and cruising down the easy Greeley Ponds Trail.  The drawbacks are a steep descent off of East Osceola and an unpleasant, uphill 2.7 mile road walk back to the parking lot at Tripoli Road (that you can avoid if you drop another car at the Livermore Road parking lot).  I'm glad I did the loop, but then again, I got lucky and hitched a ride from Livermore Road parking lot back to my car on Tripoli Rd.
      It is a moderately steep climb to the summit of Osceola.  Time seems to pass quickly and you'll reach teh summit likely within 2 hours.  Great views await you of the Tripyramids and Waterville Valley Ski Area.  The summit is a big, spacious, flat rock.  A great place for lunch.
     The summit of East Osceola is a mile away over a rocky ridge with some steep sections.  The summit is covered with trees but you can sneak a peak to the north if you scramble up a rock just before the summit.  It is a very steep descent to the Greely Ponds Trail.  Each of the two ponds has some sandy areas pleasant for lounging and enjoying the scenery.  The Greeley Ponds Trail is very easy, almost flat, and would be very nice for cross country skiing.  Take a right onto the Livermore Trail and from there it is a quick walk to Livermore Road parking lot.
     If you parked an extra car at the Livermore Rd. lot, you are done.  If not, it is a 2.7 mile road walk up Tripoli Rd. to the Tripoli Rd. parking lot.  Take a right out of the Livermore Rd. Lot, cross the bridge, and take a right onto Tripoli Rd.  Waterville Valley center is a nice place to visit afterward. There is a central courtyard surrounded by restaurants and stores.  The whole complex is set next to a pond where people can swim and boat.


Tripoli Rd. parking lot from Waterville Valley:

I-93, Exit 28, NH49, Waterville Valley/Campton exit.
NH49 East to Waterville Valley. Mark odometer.
At approximately 9 mi., on right will see sign for "ski area" and then for Waterville Valley.
At approximately 10 mi., turn left onto Tripoli Rd.
Mark odometer (under 2 miles from here).
On left, will pass Waterville Campground, WMNF.
On right, will pass Mobil gas station.
At 1.2mi., veer right at fork staying on Tripoli Rd.
(veering left would take you up to Waterville Valley ski area).
Junction Waterville Valley Road and Tripoli Rd.
Turn right to stay on Tripoli Rd.
"Depot Camp and Livermore Trailhead, WMNF, turn right ahead" sign.
Turn left.

2.7 mi. to parking lot on right.

Submitted by: Mark, MountainSummits.com, age 30, athletic male.

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