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Preplanned Hike for Mt. Moriah:  Carter-Moriah Trail
Quick Facts I
Bangor Road
off of NH 2 near Gorham
9 miles
7.5 hours
Moderately Steep
* Views of Washington and northern Presidentials from trail & summit
* Some hiking on steep rock slabs
Hike Rating 4 Stars
Quick Facts II
4,049 ft.
Gorham, NH
north of Carter Range
Best Map
AMC White Mountain Guide,
26th ed., Map #5




      Mt. Moriah's rocky summit offers a nice place to sit and gaze at Mt. Washington, the northern Presidentials peaks, and the Carters. Moriah is located north of the Carter Range and across NH16 from the Presidentials. It is one of the designated 48 Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire. A 0.1 mi. hike east on the Carter-Moriah Trail brings you to the Appalachian Trail.

Preplanned Hike 

     The Carter-Moriah Trail sign at the trailhead can be seen from the parking lot on Bangor Road. The sign notes that it is 4.5 mi. to the summit of Mt. Moriah. The trail follows blue blazes. It begins as an old logging road surrounded by birch trees and hemlocks. A bit of logging has occurred on both sides of the trail. Then you head into the woods. About an hour into the hike, you'll come to a rocky ledge that offers excellent views of Mt. Washington and the northern Presidentials, especially Mts. Adams and Madison. Then you head back into the woods until you come upon more rock slabs (some pretty steep) with more beautiful views of the northern Presidentials. On the map, it looks like you summit a Mt. Success but it is never evident that you are on an actual peak. Nonetheless, this is where it must be because afterward you return to the woods. After quite a long time in the woods you reach the peak of Mt. Moriah. The summit comprises flat rock slabs great for sitting and mountain-gazing. Excellent views of Washington, the northern Presidentials, the Carters, and even the Wildcats. A junction with the Appalachian Trail lies just 0.1 mi. east on the Carter-Moriah Trail.


To Bangor Rd. Parking Lot:

NH 2 East, leaving Gorham
Cross bridge, set odometer on bridge
Cross railroad tracks
Turn sharp right onto Bangor Road:
     * 0.2 mi. after crossing bridge
     * immediately after railroad tracks
     * across street from Androscoggin Country Club golf course
Paved road, residential neighborhood
Follow to its end at 0.5 mi.
Park in lot on left
Be careful not to obstruct driveways

Submitted by: Mark, MountainSummits.com, age 30, athletic male.

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