Connecticut Mountains

Bear Mountain

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2,316 ft.


Salisbury, CT
northwest CT

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* USGS Quad: Bash Bish Falls
* map included with Appalachian Trail Guide to Mass.-Conn. by Appalachian Trail Conference



Bear from the Twin Lakes

     Bear Mountain (2,316 ft.) is the highest peak in Connecticut.  It is not, however, the highest point of land in Connecticut.  The highest point is 2,380 feet, found on the south slope of Mt. Frissell whose 2,453 ft. summit lies in Massachusetts.  Nonetheless, Bear Mountain maintains its distinction as the highest summit in Connecticut and it offers one of the prettiest vistas in the state.  It's a beautiful hike on the Appalachian Trail south of the summit because you're hiking on rocks, surrounded by low bushes (including blueberries!), and the view progressively opens up for you.  A stone pyramid built in 1885, about 8 feet high with a flat top, sits on the summit and provides a great platform for checking out the panorama. Prominently to the north in Massachusetts are Mts. Race (to the right) and Everett (to the left).  To the east, you look down into the valley where the Twin Lakes are.  To the west is Mt. Frissell and to the southwest is Mt. Gridley. Heading north on the Appalachian Trail drops you into Sages Ravine and the Massachusetts border (just over a mile away).

      After your hike, be sure to check out the town of Salisbury. It's a classy, little Connecticut town.  In Salisbury center, all within a stone's throw from each other are the Village Store for hiking supplies and Epicure Market for sandwiches and refreshments.

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