Mountain Recommendations


Recommended mountains comprise the vast majority of mountains featured on the website.  Generally, they offer views at the summit, the trails to the top are well-maintained, the trailheads are easily accessed, and the hikes are not unrelentingly steep or brutal.

Strongly Recommended

Strongly recommended mountains stick out in one's memory as unique or spectacular in some way.  This might mean magnificent views, an exhilarating ridgeline hike to the summit, or a natural landmark along the way like a majestic waterfall that made the whole hike worth it.  Strongly recommended mountains possess a "wow" factor, i.e. something that by the end of your day on them leaves you feeling great and wanting to bring your friends back to experience the joy they gave you.  

Not Recommended

Mountains not recommended generally possess none or very few views from the trail or the summit, are difficult to access, and unpleasant to hike (i.e., mucky, buggy, overgrown, overcrowded, or dangerous trails).

Take 'em or leave 'em:'s recommendations are, of course, completely subjective.  Please feel free to entirely disregard or disagree with the recommendations.   They are offered (hopefully) to help make your decision of which mountain to hike just a little bit easier.